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President's Message 
March 2022

I would like to thank all the Coaches, Managers, Trainers and support staff for making the 2021-2022 season a success. To all the players and family members that were part of the Saugeen Maitland Lightening Women's Hockey Association - thanks for a job well done and we were proud of each one of you supporting and wearing the Saugeen colors.

This past season was not perfect with a shutdown, September tryouts and Covid-19 cases shutting down most teams for a short bit. It was though great getting everyone out to play games and travelling to tournaments and competing for playoffs and Provincials.

We are looking forward to the 2022-2023 hockey season coming up quickly. It will be our 25th season and we have a few things planned. A new 25th anniversary logo has been created and we will be sharing that soon. All players will receive new uniforms next year with one sweater with a traditional crest and the other with a new 25th crest. All players and staff will be equipped with new coats, socks and the sweaters which will be yours to keep. Going forward if you need new sweaters it will be $100 for the set and you keep them. If your sweaters work for the next season you will have a $100 deduction of the fees.

Our 2022-2023 tryouts are scheduled for April 2022 and will be all done at the Howick Arena.  I am pleased to announce that all coaches have been selected and we have 3 returning coaches and 2 new ones who have been assistant coaches in the organization. We are planning on a U22A team this upcoming season and they will play a tournament style season with tryouts in August TBA.

I especially want to thank our Board members for all the hard work and dedication over the past many years. Val Wilken who is our Treasurer, collects all the money and pays the bills. Jake Gratto who is our Equipment Manager and helps with the direction of the Association. Sue Davey who looks after our website, helped steer us through Covid-19 protocols and is involved with the direction of the Association. Jermey Wilkens oversees our Leagues and our RAMP system which is the platform we use for games and registration. Jeremy also teaches the rest of us how to use the system and is very involved in the direction of the Association. Lori Andrews and Shawn Talbot are Directors at Large and help with various duties as required. Jason Brooks is our Director of Coaching and works with our coaching staff for guidance and direction. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at a May 2022 parent/player meeting. To the players and families that are moving on, thanks for being part of Saugeen Maitland and making us who we are. To all the new players that are coming our way and the returning players and families, Happy 25th season. We are excited to see a full season and celebrate 25 years!

Best wishes,
Howie Pruden, President
Saugeen Maitland Lightning