Mission & History (Saugeen Maitland Lightning)

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Saugeen Maitland Women's Hockey Association's mission is to provide hockey instruction and competition for females of all ages and to instill in the participants a love for the game of hockey and a respect for fair play and sportsmanship.

Saugeen Maitland Women's Hockey Association's vision is to be recognized by its peers for providing a highly professional hockey program that develops top-rated competitive teams with players who are recruited to a higher level of hockey within Ontario and abroad.

Saugeen Maitland Women's Hockey Association believes:
  • Its hockey program should be a positive experience that is conducive to learning, skills development, and fun for players.
  • Coaching staff, players and parents must model exemplary sportsmanship in all dealings with opposition players and coaches, game officials, team members, parents and fans.
  • Coaches should present a strong positive role model to players in all interactions with players, coaches, parents and referees.
  • Parents should present a strong positive role model to players in all interactions with players, coaches, other parents and referees.

A Brief History of the Saugeen Maitland Womens Hockey Association

A Group of individuals got together in the summer of 1997 and decided to form an organization within the boundaries of the Western Ontario Athletic Association (W.O.A.A.), which covers most of mid-western Ontario. They had seen girls hockey teams come and go over the years. They found that because of the small size of the populations of most of the communities,there wasn't any single center that could consistently host higher level girls hockey teams.

Their solution to the problem was to form an agreement with W.O.A.A. Girls Hockey that would allow players that wished to play at a higher level join the Saugeen Maitland Girls teams from their centers within the W.O.A.A.

The name Saugeen Maitland was chosen because the majority of the towns and villages of the W.O.A.A. are in the watersheds of those two rivers. The group felt that would be an appropriate name to represent the area.

A majority of our home games and practices are based at the Howick arena with Teeswater being the second home base. A number of our weekly practices are in Clifford or Ayton.  Saugeen Maitland teams  practice two times per week and will play somewhere between 60 to 70 games in a season which includes play-offs and tournaments.